issue 9-2
autumn/winter 2008



















The call for submissions suggested mountains, hills, boulder, rock, pebble, sand, mesa, canyon, ravine, cave, crater, volcano, desert, dust, earthquake, landslide, mountain pass, ditch, field or path as potential kigo or topics. But, as we pointed out, in haiga, it's often the image that provides the allusion. An open relationship between the image and the text allows the reader space to enter and complete the meaning from personal experience.

This, then, was the challenge. We're pleased it was so well received: we have forty images in the full range of modern haiga techniques (scanned original art works, digital abstracts, photo-based images, photo haiga) and the ways that the artists have found to express the theme of earth range from beautiful to moving, sad, funny, and just plain surprising. Many thanks to the following artists who sent their haiga for this exploration: Ed Baker, Pris Campbell, Susan Constable, Mary Davila, David Giacalone, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Claire Holloway, Maya Lyubenova, Ida Mahulja, Shanna Baldwin Moore, Dorota Pyra, Linda Pilarski, Alexis Rotella, Emily Romano, Natalia Rudychev, Manoj Saranathan, Terry Steudlein, Jan Turner, Diana Webb and Frank Williams.