issue 9-1
spring/summer 2008


The Traditional Haiga section has been a defining feature of Haigaonline since our inception. Here we feature invited haiku that have been turned into haiga by our team of resident staff artisans. Mary Rodning paints the haiga; Hiromi Inoue translates the haiku into Japanese and arranges for the calligraphy; our new resident musician Choshi, composes bamboo flute accompaniment, and finally co-editor Jasminka puts on the finishing touches by marrying-together each honored guest's chosen haiku. We're very pleased that Shisen has returned to be our resident calligrapher.


Ella was born in the Philippines and moved to The Netherlands in 1988, becoming a citizen five years later. She received her master's degree in education and now teaches English at the Dutch Police Academy. She has been published in Atlas Poetica, Modern English Tanka, Simply Haiku, Sketchbook, tempslibres and World Haiku Review, as well as in a collection of her own, Sorrows of the Chameleon (Xlibris, 2007). Her own site, "Cloud Blossom River" is at (http://ellawagemakers.blogspot.com).


M. Kei is a volunteer crewman aboard the historic skipjack Martha Lewis and brings his interests in sailing and landscape of the Chesapeake Bay area to his poetry. The winner of the 2008 Tanka Splendor Award, he is the author of Heron Sea: Short Poems of the Chesapeake Bay (Lulu, 2007) and Slow Motion: The Log of a Chesapeake Bay Skipjack (MET, 2008) and has been published in journals too numerous to list here. His editorial credits include Fire Pearls: Short Masterpieces of the Human Heart (Lulu.com, 2006) and Atlas Poetica – A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka (MET 2008—). He regularly contributes articles to Modern English Tanka, moderates the Google group Kyoka Mad and maintains a blog, Kujaku poetry (http://kujakupoet.blogspot.com/).


Susan lives with her husband on Canada's west coast, where the natural world provides much of the subject matter and inspiration for both her poetry and photography. She began writing haiku two years ago, with her work now published in numerous print and online journals in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Ireland. When we first invited her to contribute haiku to our Traditional Haiga section, she was only just venturing into haiga. But she is truly a quick learner and since then has had her work published in Simply Haiku, Sketchbook, Modern Haiga, and the World Haiku Association. As it happens, she's also featured in our current gallery, so click on the sidebar link above to see two facets of Susan's work!


Submit a haiku to be published with this painting by Mary Rodning. Your haiku, if selected, will appear as a traditional haiga in our autumn/winter 2008 issue. Click on the thumbnail for further instructions.