issue 9-1
spring/summer 2008


Many thanks to the following writers and authors who have supported Haigaonline by lending us their work for publication:

Gerd Börner
Pris Campbell
Susan Constable
Gillena Cox
Norman Darlington
Mary Davila
Billie Dee
Jeanne Emrich
Fred Flohr
Laryalee Fraser
Anne-Marie Glasheen
Jodie Hawthorne
M. Kei
Ida Mahulja
Jacek Margolak
Kitsune Miko (Sandy Vrooman)
Allison Millcock
Shanna Baldwin Moore
Linda Papanicolaou
Carol Raisfeld
Alexis Rotella
Claudette Russell
Frank Russell
Manoj Saranathan
Carol Sircoulomb
Soji (Gary Barnes)
Djurdja Vukelic-Rozic
Ella Wagemakers

Jeanne Emrich's article is illustrated with haiga by Stephen Addis, Ion Codrescu and Gabriel Rosenstock, Susan Frame and Andrew Riutta, Kunihara Shimizu, Gary LeBel, Suzuki Nanrei and Basho, Lidia Rozmus, and Cor Van den Heuvel.

And many thanks to the following poets for sending haiku to this issue's Haiku This Haiga feature: Pamela A. Babusci, Ed Baker, Nieda Lynn Billard, Gillena Cox, Tish Davis, Billie Dee, Kia Hayes, Martina Heinisc, M. Kei, MaryLouise Knight, Tracy Koretsky, Joseph Lamer, Larry Eugene Meredith, Linda Moses, Lynne Pfeiffer, Ruthanne Price, Zhanna P. Rader, Carol Raisfeld, Alexis Rotella, Paul Smith, Terrytip, Heath Thompson, Ella Wagemakers and Vera Charline Wareham.

Credits: Graphics are by Linda Papanicolaou. Sound effects on the index page have been used courtesy of Dynamicel under a Creative commons licence from the Freesound project (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu). Haigaonline is created on a Mac in Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop; haiga galleries with the assistance of Jalbum (http://jalbum.net/). Copyright for everything in this issue resides with the individual authors and may not be used without their permission.