issue 8-2
autumn/winter 2007




This section has been part of Haigaonline since its beginning. Here we feature invited haiku that have been turned into haiga by our team of resident staff artisans. Mary Rodning paints the haiga, then Hiromi Inoue translates the haiku into Japanese, Shisen adds the calligraphy, and our new resident musician Choshi, composes bamboo flute accompaniment. Finally, our co-editor Jasminka puts on the finishing touches by marrying-together each honoured guest's chosen haiku.

We're running a little late this time and hope to have them for you soon. This time, our invited poet will be Susan Constable (who also appears in the Contemporary and Haiga Workshop sections).

With all the wonderful haiku submitted for last issue's Haiku this Haiga, we're also pleased to announce that the winner is Ella Wagemakers.

Meanwhile, here is Mary's painting for our next issue's


Do you have a haiku for our next haiga? Submit a haiku to be published with this painting by Mary Rodning. Your haiku, if selected, will appear as a traditional haiga in our spring/summer 2008 issue. Click on the thumbnail for further instructions.