issue 8-2
autumn/winter 2007



Many thanks to the following writers and authors who have supported Haigaonline by lending us their work for publication:

D. T. Arcieri
Ed Baker
Collin W. Barber
Robert Bauer
Dawn Bruce
David Bursey
Pris Campbell
Karen Cesar
Choshi (Paul Cooper)
Lidia Cojocaru
Susan Constable
Gillena Cox
Norman Darlington
Mary Davila
Jerry Dreesen
Kathy Earsman
Fred Flohr
Laryalee Fraser
Schar Freeman
Anne-Marie Glasheen
Warren Gossett
Gabi Greve
Dale and Rosemary Gwaltney
Erin "Sunny" Harte
Kitsune Miko (Sandy Vrooman)
Tracy Koretsky
Carole MacRury

Allen McGill
Allison Millcock
Emile Molhuysen
Shanna Baldwin Moore
Ron Moss
Harold Eugene Hand Murtha
Sakuo Nakamura
Dustin Neal
Origa (Olga Hooper)
Linda Papanicolaou
Carol Raisfeld
Ray Rasmussen
Redstormy (Joyce Chelmo)
Mike Rehling
Alexis Rotella
Claudette Russell
Frank Russell
Geoff Sanderson
Adelaide Shaw
Whitney Storey
Jim Swift
CarrieAnn Thunell
Beverly Tift
Beth Veira
Robert Wilson
Jeffrey Woodward

Credits for this Issue:
Graphics are by Linda Papanicolaou; sound effects on the index page have been used courtesy of Dynamicel under a Creative commons licence from the Freesound project (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu).