issue 8-1
spring/summer 2007


Perhaps because I'm a teacher, the workshop is a feature that I particularly enjoy because this is where we promote haiga as an art form. A few months ago Mike Rehling and I began to talk about collaborating in haiga contest on the Haikuhut Visual Art Forum. In May, the idea came to fruition with a workshop and kukai that not only stimulated and engaged the forum's regular participants but also encouraged some Haikuhut members to try their hand at haiga for the first time. As editor of Haigaonline, I served as mentor. Mike and I participated in the critique but did not submit.

The rules were fairly simple: haiga for consideration in the contest must have a water theme and be posted for workshop and critique to the Visual Arts forum between May 1 and May 18. A list of season words pertaining to water in its various forms was posted. This was more of a guideline than a requirement—this being haiga, it was not required to have a kigo in the haiku itself; rather, how to incorporate or interpret the theme was left to each member's creative ingenuity.

Participants could post as many haiga as they wished for the workshop phase, but on the 18th this ended and by the 20th, participants were to select one haiga to submit. The contest was a kukai, with all Haikuhut members invited to vote. It was, indeed, difficult to choose, but in the end we had our three winners.

1st Place:
Carol Raisfeld

2nd Place:
Ron Moss

3rd Place:
Collin Barber

Thanks to the generosity of Mike Rehling, Carol received a $100.00 gift certificate at Amazon.com. Carol, Ron and Collin all received subscriptions to Moonset. Congratulations to them!

Of course, I rather feel that Haigaonline was the real winner. In addition to advising each other on best practices for using our photo editing software (the kind of discussion that tends to predominate on most haiga groups and forums), we had some very stimulating discussions on relationship between image and text, author's intent, and the aesthetics of haiga.

In addition to our three winners, we thought you'd like to see the full series of submissions for it's a remarkable group of haiga that clearly show how much everyone enjoyed this activity.

Click here to view the submissions: Dawn Bruce, Pris Campbell, Susan Constable, Mary Davila, Jerry Dreesen, Laryalee Fraser, Colin Stewart Jones, Mike Keville, Allison Millcock, Shanna Baldwin Moore, Paul Rainville, Geoff Sanderson and Jim Swift.