issue 8-1
spring/summer 2007

A TOUCH OF LIGHT: a multimedia haiga slideshow by
RON MOSS, Tasmania AU and JIM SWIFT, British Columbia CA

We have a treat for you! Of late, it seems, a number of accomplished haiga artists have been trying to break out of the 'jpeg' mold—linking, haiga slideshows, musical setting and also mp3's or podcasts with the author reading his/her own haiku. Ron and Jim have embarked on just such an adventure, a haiga sequence in slideshow format with voice readings and music—Mozart, no less. I've been on the email cc list. It's been truly exciting seeing the project develop, and I'm especially pleased that they've chosen to publish it through Haigaonline.

In addition to being an exquisite work of art, 'A Touch of Light' has been an exploration in the various slideshow software packages that are available to haijin who want to explore multimedia haiga. For comparison, Jim has selected two options so that you may see the differences yourselves.

Flash Slide Maker Pro: This version runs through the Flash Player (if you can see HO's opening animation and hear our music, you already have it). In this version, the file is not streamed, so please let it to load. I promise, it's worth the wait!
ProShow Producer: This is the best version, with fine image resolution and high sound quality. You must, however, have the Photodex Presenter plug-in, a free download that is easy to install (Windows only, alas).

Artists' statement: in conversation, Ron and Jim explain the genesis and development of the project (in html).

Technical Details: Jim's explanation of the software packages and how they worked out some of the problems (html).