issue 8-1
spring/summer 2007


A variety of approaches is available to the modern artist who works in haiga. Once again we have sumi-e, scanned images, digital art and photo haiga. In addition to our much-valued old friends, we're also pleased to be able to introduce a few newcomers. Many of the haiga include a reference to our water theme, though not all. What's most important, as always, is to bring our readers a range of creative and original approaches to the art of combining words and images.
  Silvija Butkovic
  Fred Flohr
  Laryalee Fraser
  Anne-Marie Glasheen
  Terra Martin
  Emile Molhuysen
  Carol Raisfeld
  Michael Rehling
  Natalia L. Rudychev
  Geoff Sanderson
  CarrieAnn Thunell
  Detelina Tiholova
  Jeffrey Woodward