volume vii issue 1
spring/summer 2006

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TRISH SHIELDS, British Columbia, CA

Trish has a background in Fine Arts at the Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario, and studied creative writing under Canadian author Matt Hughes. Her first book of poetry, ‘Soul Speak’, was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. She has been published internationally and her novel, Inferno was listed on The Open Book’s best sellers list in 2004. She grew up in Europe and has traveled extensively in the US and Canada. She resides with her partner and children on Vancouver Island.


Haiku this Haiga: ALENKA ZORMAN, Ljubljana, SI

Featuring this issue's selected haiku set into a haiga composed by our resident staff, Mary, Hiromi, Shisen, Choshi and Jasminka.

For our next issue: Submit a haiku to be published with this painting by Mary Rodning.