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volume vii issue 1
spring/summer 2006

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The marriage of different poetic and artistic sensibilities results in a distinctive synergy that gives richness and depth to a collaborative haiga. There are almost as many ways that two people can work together as there are artists and works of art. Sometimes the haiku comes first, sometimes the image, and sometimes there is give-and-take between them as the haiga works towards its final form. In this issue we bring you two of Jasminka's collaborations and it's interesting to see how having different partners affects the feel of her haiga. Similarly the series with Robert Wilson and Adriana DeCastro, which are markedly different from the haiga of Robert's that we've seen before.

Finally, we're honored to publish a mathematical theorem in haiku form by Peter D. Lax, professor emeritus of the Courant Institute at New York University and 2005 winner of the Abel Prize.

Haiku and photographs by Alenka Zorman, haiga setting by Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic
Haiku series by Robert Wilson for pastels by Adriana DeCastro

Double-haiku haiga by Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic and Norman Darlington

Mathematical haiku by Peter D. Lax, haiga setting by Linda Papanicolaou with Andrew Papanicolaou