volume vii issue 1
spring/summer 2006

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What exactly is "experimental haiga"? We could all agree, I think, on a loose definition that it is not "traditional haiga" painted in sumi-e style on rice paper. Beyond this, though, there will be almost as many answers to the question as there are artists. Internet-based multimedia haiga is still a very new form of expression and the definition of "experimental" is a target that is continually moving outward as the artistic and technical possibilities expand. Isn't every original work of art an experiment in some sense?

This issue's two experimental portfolios push the boundaries of what we think as haiga by expanding from single images into linked series. Gerald's employs a photo-journalistic approach that includes startling subject matter, while Linda's "graphic haibun" derives from that most Japanese of arts—the comic book.

  The Qaqortoq Collection, by Gerald England
  Lingering Snow, a graphic haibun series by Linda Papanicolaou