From the editor: Welcome to our "Village of Children" issue

Traditional haiga: featuring this issue's invited guest poet Trish Shields, and "Haiku this Haiga", with a haiku by Alenka Zorman for last issue's painting, plus a new painting by Mary that's in search of a haiku

Featured portfolios: "Through the Eyes of Children": Shane Gilreath, Kitsune Miko (Sandy Vrooman) and Laryalee Fraser

Friendly collaborations: Alenka Zorman with Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic, Norman Darlington with Jasminka, Robert Wilson with Adriana De Castro, and Peter D. Lax with Linda Papanicolaou

Young Artists: a Haiku Wall at the Herbert Hoover School, Palo Alto CA

Experimental haiga: The Qaqortoq Collection by Gerald England, and Lingering Snow by Linda Papanicolaou

Haiga workshop: Ray Rasmussen discusses framing and adding text to haiga compositions; also a portfolio of his recent work that features haiga from some of the photographs used as examples in the workshop lessons

Contemporary haiga: an'ya, Ed Baker, b'oki (Bette Wappner), Pris Campbell, Jamie Edgecombe, Eric Houck, Emile Molhuysen, Michael Rehling, Geoff Sanderson, Jim Swift and James Thompson

NEW: Summer's end gallery

featuring a selection of recently arrived late-summer/early-autumn haiga

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