volume vii issue 1
spring/summer 2006

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There is a wide range of styles and techniques available to the artists working in modern haiga. We generally categorize these approaches in three ways: original art works, images that are almost totally digital, and photographs. But as you will see in browsing this issue's Contemporary Haiga section, in practice these categories are not distinct or exclusive. An original art work--a sumi-e painting, a drawing, a woodcut--can only be viewed online through the mediation of a digital scanner. Scanned original art works and photographs may be manipulated to an extent that they are almost completely digital creations.

Ed Baker
b'oki (Bette Wappner)
Pris Campbell
Jamie Edgecombe
Eric Houck Jr.
Emile Molhuysen
Michael Rehling
Geoff Sanderson
Jim Swift
James M. Thompson
CarrieAnn Thunell