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volume vi issue 2
autumn/winter 2005

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The marriage of different poetic and artistic sensibilities results in a distinctive synergy that gives richness and depth to a collaborative haiga. There are almost as many ways that two people can work together as there are artists and works of art. Sometimes the haiku comes first, sometimes the image, and sometimes there is give-and-take between them as the haiga works towards its final form. Our two artists featured in this issue assume various roles in the haiga they have created. Jasminka offers us a series of dragonfly images from her own photographs, with haiku by other writers. Jerry's portfolio includes both watercolor and photo haiga. Sometimes he is the haijin and sometimes the artist.

Jasminka with friends Ferris Gilli and Norman Darlington
Jerry Dreesen with Melissa Howard, Ron Moss and Linda Papanicolaou