A warm welcome
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two thousand suns issue of
haigaonline is proud to announce that we are currently the number one haiga site if you "google", and we are celebrating 2000+ hits since our last issue! Thanks to all who continually support us!!!

   Wishing you a blessed equinox and happy
   solstice from the  whole staff at haigaonline

haigaonline is an international website, and once again we bring to you, our choices of accomplished haijin this time from the USA, England,  the Ukraine, Canada, Serbia/Montenegro, and the Netherlands.

On this welcome page, we enjoy placing comments from readers and participants because they mean so much to us at haigaonline. Here's a little something we received:

"Hi dear haigaonline! I am grateful to you for featuring my haiku, and it's been a great boost to my creative mood. So the result is a new haiku:

On my computer
it's haigaonline.com's
new haiku for spring

Wishing you well over and over again - love from Victor" - (Viktor Ghorlov)

And . . . we love you too Viktor, plus we want to take this opportunity also to thank all of you who've been consistently supportive of our endeavors via poem this painting, and our annual contests, and with regular submissions. You "are" what keeps us going!!!

As most of you already know (but i'll explain it again for newcomers) every traditional haiga is created by our multi-talented team of resident staff artisans
. Mary Rodning paints the haiga, then Hiromi Inoue translates the haiku into Japanese, Shisen adds the calligraphy, and our new resident musician Choshi, composes bamboo flute accompaniment. Finally, our hard-working co-editor Jasminka puts on the finishing touches by marrying-together each honoured guests chosen haiku . . . and even after all this coordinating, my task has barely begun. 

In addition, we give you innovative contempor
ary haiga from other exceptional artists, as well as the opportunity to submit your own haiku (by email) for 'poem this painting No. 5'. You can now also submit to our haiku contest via email. Winners of the last contest, plus comments are in this issue.

Featured too in thi
s haigaonline for our experimental presentation, we are pleased to introduce a very interesting concept of modern-day haiga by an artist we all know and admire, Paul Conneally.

Again, we have included our 'family' section,  (and we are twice blessed this time with two exceptional families), our 'haiku friends' section, and our popular 'young haijin' section, which will include haiku by 'young women' this time, plus more from our 'tanga section' as well.

We also are pleased to present  an essay  especially written for haigaonline by the distinguished
Stanford M. Forrester! Come on in and enjoy . . .
2004 volume V     spring/summer
an'ya - contributing editor  & Jasminka - contributing co-editor
        publisher -
the natal *light press
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