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by Beth McFarland

A longtime contributor to Haigaonline, Beth was born in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She grew up with her twin sister, also a poet, and both of them spent many hours drawing, writing, and exploring the Irih countryside. Both studied science, Beth gaining her PhD. in veterinary science before she moved to Germany. Locate in Baden Württemberg, on the edge of the Black Forest, Beth now works as a pedagogical supervisor and teacher of English as a Second Language.

She is one of the co-founders of The United Haiku and Tanka Society, for a number of years serving as resident artist and haiga editor there. In addition to her published work for UTHS, her haiga may be found at The Haiku Foundation, Daily Haiga, and A Hundred Gourds, A chapbook of her haiga entitled Birth is soon to be published.

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