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For the Spring 2021 issue we are open for submissions in the Haiga Challenge feature. The Challenge theme for the issue is Ernest Boyer’s second Human Commonality:

Language: All humans use symbols to express their thoughts, feelings, an emotions.

Create a haiga that relates to the theme. Your text may be haiku, tanka, or any haiku-related short form. For the image, we'd love to have a wide range of traditional ink brush paintings, western style drawings or paintings, digital and iPad app art, and photographs.

Files should be in jpeg form, in a size no larger than 650 px wide or high, and 72 pixels/inch in resolution. Other sizes and resolutions may be re-optimized by the editor. Email your haiga to me at the following address with 'Work Challenge' as your subject heading. The deadline is 1 December 2020.

paplinda [at] yahoo [dot] com