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by Marietta McGregor

"When taking photographs on my travels, my eye is often drawn to people going about their everyday activities and I’m always touched and intrigued. What are their stories, their hopes and dreams, how do they live? Just as haiku are poetic encapsulations of ephemeral experience, photography allows me to capture the fine detail of fleeting moments of beauty and diversity. With this portfolio of haiga on the theme of “Work: All humans make a living in some way”, I’ve endeavoured to fashion a poetic narrative, rendering day-to-day scenes from different parts of the world as lasting memories to share with a wider audience. "

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A fourth-generation Tasmanian, Marietta lives with her husband in Canberra. A keen naturalist and lover of the outdoors since childhood, she has pursued careers from palynology researcher to garden designer, parliamentary guide, science journalist, editor, writing tutor, education manager at an astronomical observatory, and research grant writer. She took up photography with a passion on retirement, and began her learning journey and love of Japanese short-form poetry after seeking to include haiku in a book of personal travel photographs. Her haiku, haibun and haiga have been widely published and have won awards in the USA, the UK, Australia, Japan and Europe. She has had photo haiga featured on Japanese NHK TV in “Haiku Masters”. Awards include the Excellence Award (first place) in the Fifth Setouchi-Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest, and winner in collaboration with Ron Moss of the Australian Haiku Society’s inaugural haiga contest.