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featuring an image by Andrea Eldridge

Our Haiku this Haiga feature returns with a difference. Rather than poeming a traditional painted image, your challenge this time is to create a haiga using this photograph that Andrea has generously donated as a seed image. You may, if you like, simply haiku the image and send us your poem, or you may download a copy of the full-sized image and create a completed haiga.

If you choose the complete haiga option, you may leave the photograph as-is, or you are invited to manipulate it: add to it, subtract from it, or manipulate it in any of the apps that are now widely available for computer, pad or smart phone.


  1. Click on the image to reveal it in full size. Download it, and go to work!
  2. When you have completed your haiga, please resize it to 650 px on its longest side and 72 px/in resolution. Name the file with your own name, too, please.
  3. ONE ENTRY PER AUTHOR, PLEASE. Submit your haiga to paplinda (at) yahoo dot com, with a subject header "Haiku this Haiga."
  4. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2020