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Haikai Sketches
by Adelaide B. Shaw

Adelaide lives in Somers, NY. She has three children and six grandchildren. Her haiku, tanka, haibun, and photo haiga have been published widely. She also writes children's fiction and has had her children's stories published in different anthologies. . Her award winning collection of haiku, "An Unknown Road," is now available on Kindle, and her second collection of haiku, "The Distance I've Come" is available at Cyberwit and Amazon. More poetry is on her blog, "White Petals". 

Over the years, Adelaide has been one of our most constant supporters and I'm always eager to open an email from her. She has a unique gift of creating haiga that are grounded in occurrences of life that may seem commonplace, yet perceived with a keeness that teases out their importance. Usually her haiga are photo-based, She tells me that these sketches were done "some time ago". Recently she has been trying new forms and rewriting some of the poems for them. For me, their delightful simplicity recalls the haiga aesthetic of some of the Japanese old masters.


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