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Pris Campbell
with Neal Whitman

These haiga are a real treat because they bring together two of my longtime haiga friends. East Coast meets West.

Pris, who lives in Florida with her husband and has described herself as a clinical psychologist, sailor and bicyclist until health forced her into a much restrictive lifestyle. Over the years her work has appeared numerous times in Haigaonline. You'll find a lot more about her and her writing on her personal website, Poetic Inspirations. She began writing poetry in 1999, and has been publishing free verse, haiku, haibun, tanka and haiga in various online and print journals since 2002, and has published eight books, notably her recent Squall Line on the Horizon (Nixes Mates Press 2017). It is a collection of tanka that in the words of the Amazon review "explores the passion, love and ultimate loss of a never-forgotten first love. . . " It's a theme figures here too as she has interpreted the fire of our issue's theme as human love or passion.

Two of the haiga feature poems by Neal. Professor emeritus of the University of Utah School of Medicine, he lives with his wife Elaine Whitman in Pacifica, California where I know them as fellow members of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society. Elaine, also retired from the University of Utah, is an artist, musician and an award-winning haiku poet. Their haiga and photo haiku have appeared in Syndic Literary Journal nos. 3 and 10, as well as in a Workshop in the winter 2009 issue of Haigaonline, while Neal's collaborations with Pris have appeared in Daily Haiga, and in our summer 2018 Haigaonline Gallery.