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Dan Hardison
with Jan Hardison


Dan returns with these four haiga depicting the different aspects of fire in the lives of of rural communities of Tennessee and North Carolina where he resides—or more universally where any of us live. I'm taken by the progression of the linking between the outer and focal images of each haiga and from haiga to haiga. Notice how that toasty warm fireplace in haiga 2 becomes (flipped) the conflagration in haiga 3.

I find haiga 3 especially especially meaningful. because of the recent wild fires and thousands of homes destroye in California. Seeing the annotation on his haiga, I googled "Epiphany Mission 1960" to learn the church's history from a page written by Dan himself on the mission's website. It has been rebuilt and continues its work in this very poor region of the Cumberland Mountains. With that lovely haiga 4 for closure, this is a series that for me is witness to human resilience.