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Among the stems and petals
their final dance

H. Munn, US

evening light
all the colours
of the wind

Nika (Jim Force), CA

the reed stem
a dragonfly clung to

trembling reed
alone a dragonfly darts
into sunlight

every moment
a different path
for the dragonfly

Victor Ortiz, US

ashes in the breeze
a dragonfly passes
between us

Sandi Pray, US

if only I had half
your wings

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams, US

summer heat
visitors gather
at the lake

Adelaide B. Shaw, US

the outstretched wings
of a dragonfly 

Rachel Sutcliffe, UK

cloud shadows
across the old pond
and then a dragonfly

Angela Terry, US

lotus pond
whirring in the air to land
a dragon fly

Mallika Chari, IN

day beckons
little dragons
of the air

Dan Hardison, US

Lagos traffic
behind the roaring engine
a dozing driver

Nureni Ibrahim, NG

lawn party
damsels queue up 
for a sip of sweet tea

flight of fancy
if I could I would 
choose wings
every girl needs 
one super power

Barbara Kaufmann, US