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by Marietta McGregor

A fourth generation Tasmanian, Marietta lives with her husband and family in Canberra. Since childhood an enthusiast of the outdoors, she has pursued various careers from researcher in plant physiology and palynology to garden designer, parliamentary guide, desktop publisher/editor, science journalist, writing tutor, visitor manager at an astronomical observatory to science and technology marketer. Haiku became an interest in retirement when she decided to include poetry in a book of her travel photographs, began to read widely, experimented with other related forms. Her photo haiga have appeared on Japanese NHK TV in “Haiku Masters”, and her awards include first place in the Fifth Setouchi-Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest, and winner in collaboration with Ron Moss of the Australian Haiku Society’s inaugural haiga contest.

“I loved the idea of the challenge relating to the Earth, so got onto it straight away, ” she writes. “My husband and I were able to visit some stunning US national parks around the Grand Circle in 2017, and I've greatly enjoyed putting together some haiga with my photographs of the red rock country, plus some from closer at home.” 

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