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by Dan Hardison

Dan writes, "A resident of Wilmington, North Carolina, I am a photographer, artist and writer of haiku, tanka and haibun. My writing has appeared at Contemporary Haibun Online, Haibun Today, World Haiku Association, and Haigaonline. My work can be found at my website "Windscape Studio" and my blog "Some Tomorrow’s Morning".

"From the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, to the mountains of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, to the coast of North Carolina, the different aspects of the earth appeals to me. It is these varied views that I have tried to capture in the haiga for this challenge. A man who had never ventured beyond the valley where he had always lived finally peered beyond the mountain rim and exclaimed, 'So that’s the world. God almighty ain’t she a whopper!' I cannot think of a better description."

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Notes on the photos:

Earthworks - Civil War earthworks at Fort Anderson, Coastal North Carolina
Appalachian Bald - Looking Glass Rock, Western North Carolina
Tall Tales - Devil's Head, Chimney Rock Park, Western North Carolina
Earth's Clay - Pottery by Hiroshi Sueyoshi