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Photo Haiga by Barbara Kaufmann

Retired from a career in nursing, Barbara fell in love with haiku, tanka and haiga in 2012 and has become a regular contributor to Haigaonline. Her photo haiga have been widely published in Akitsu Quarterly, Colorado Boulevard, Daily Haiga, Hedgerow, Tinywords, Under the Basho and the World Haiku Association’s Haiga Contest, as well as being reposted, pinned and tweeted on personal blogs and social media platforms. She collects all her work on her own blog, Wabi Sabi~~Poems and Images.

Barbara draws inspiration from the beaches, woods and gardens near her home and while on vacation. She says, “whether it is sand or pebbles along a beach or giant boulders left from a receding glacier or bricks fashioned by men’s hands over a century ago, the earth offers many places to contemplate larger ideas and feelings. My camera often records images that surprise me with a new insight when I look later. Sometimes months or even years go by before the poem reveals itself to me. I experience great joy discerning the essence of a particular moment, then sharing it with others.”

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