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For the Spring 2018 issue we are open for submissions in the Traditional Haiga and the Challenge features:

Traditional Haiga: Our "Haiku this Haiga" section returns with an inkbrush painting of lotus and dragonflies by resident artist Mary E. Rodning. You'll find it in this issue's Traditional Haiga page.

The deadline is for submission is 1 July 2018. Email your haiku to me at the following address with Haiku this Haiga' as your subject heading.

paplinda [at] yahoo [dot] com

Haiga Challenge: Our theme for the next challenge will be Earth, meaning the mineral presence of the planet beneath our feet. It's a big theme and you can take it many places. I'm thinking of those classifications of rock types—igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary—that we learned in school science class. Or geological forms—mountains, cliffs, canyons, caverns, boulders, rocks, pebbles, gravel, sand—plate techtonics such as we experience through earthquakes, erosion, etc. If you'd like to explore kigo and non-seasonal topics related to this theme, Gabi's World Kigo Database has entries on mountains, rocks, stones, sand, earthquakes and volcanoes to help you get started.

Create a haiga that relates to the theme. Your text may be haiku, tanka, or any haiku-related short form. For the image, we'd love to have a wide range of traditional ink brush paintings, western style drawings or paintings, digital and iPad app art, and photographs. Files should be in jpeg form, in a size no larger than 550 px wide or high, and 72 pixels/inch in resolution. Other sizes and resolutions will be reoptimized by the editor.

The deadline is 1 August 2018. Email your haiku to me at the following address with 'Stone Challenge' as your subject heading.

paplinda [at] yahoo [dot] com