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Jennifer Hambrick

Ohio resident Jennifer Hambrick is widely published as an author of haiku and other forms. In 2017, still a newcomer to haiga, she earned the honor of Haiku Master of the Week on NHK World TV's Haiku this Photo contest, as well as honors in the second annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Contest sponsored by Prune Juice and Failed Haiku. Her thoughts about both, and more of her haiga, have been published on her website, Inner Voices. Her work has appeared in the Challenge here at Haigaonline, in Daily Haiga, and in the World Haiku Association’s haiga contest.

Each of the tree haiga in the present portfolio approaches the nteraction of text and image differently. In the first, the image of a maple tree in fall colors mirrors line 3 of the poem. In the second, there's a wider shift as the deep red, not yet fallen leaves of the image serve as visual metaphor for the text. In the third, the image of the tree is a structural support for a concrete poem, bot linked by the revelation of line 3. The text of the fourth is dependent on the image and may not work as a stand-alone poem, but it has the bite that I’ve come to know as characteristic of Jennifer’s senryu haiga. It's a commentary on the disposability of trees in our consumerist culture.

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