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Featured Artist's Portfolio:
"Taking Over" by Adelaide B. Shaw

Once again Adelaide offers us a portfolio of haiga in response to the challenge. The top row represent native species, while the bottom row are imports to the upstate New York area that is now her home. She writes,

Our move from a New York City suburb northwards to the country has brought me much pleasure in watching nature, both tamed and wild," she writes. Wild nature flourishes in the empty lots, untended fields, on the roadside, in woodland spaces. Many of the wildflowers are invasive, but are left unchecked, as far I am aware. Even in home gardens these species, whether native or imported, are growing in small patches. The large displays of phlox, loosestrife, dandelions and others are lovely to see. I would not like to see the countryside denuded of the natural beauty, and, I admit, for my own selfish pleasure, am pleased to see this wild growth unchecked up in this area."

"Whether native or imported, many plants are invasive, as you know, and, if unchecked, they take over an area. The dandelion is an interesting example of what people will tolerate. In the suburbs a neat lawn, weed free, was highly desired and dandelions were checked. Up here in the country, no one is obsessive about a lawn. Ours, along with my neighbors, is mostly weed. Dandelions flourish in the spring and no one goes after them. In a few weeks they are gone, so why bother?"

Woodland phlox
Joe Pye Weed
Poison Ivy
Burning bush