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Being a member of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society and working on the Bay Area Saijiki has made me much more aware of how we have altered the fragile ecology of the area of California where I live: a USDA zone 9 climate that has a rainy season but not a real winter. Here, as I'm learning, native species compete with introduced species, often not very successfully. For a while now I've wanted to explore these issues in a Haigaonline Challenge. Now is the time!

Actually, there are two issues here, and for clarity's sake I've decided to separate them. Please note that we'll have two challenges for the Spring issue:

  • Native Species:
    Create a haiga about a plant or animal species that is native to where you live. What native species do you associate with the progression of the seasons? Are there local species in your area that are in decline or endangered because of habitat encroachment?

  • Imported Species:
    Create a haiga about a plant or animal species that was introduced to the region where you live. It may be an outright pest or invasive species, or perhaps it was brought in as a nice garden plant but has escaped cultivation and become endemic. How has it altered your regional landscape?

You are invited to submit to either or both challenges, but tell us which haiga are intended for which challenge. Do feel free to include a brief note about the significance of your topic species for your area.


Guidelines and Parameters

Haiga should be in jpeg form, in a size no larger than 550 px wide or high, and 72 pixels/inch in resolution.

Your entries should be unpublished and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. This includes not only publication in online and print journals but also works displayed where others can access them on social media, personal web pages, blogs, and at online workshop groups and forums.

Include "Native Species Challenge" or "Imported Species Challenge" as your subject heading. Please indicate which topic each of your haiga is targeting!

Email your entry/entries to the editor at

paplinda at yahoo dot com

The Deadline for submissions is 1 February 2017.

Our Copyright Policy

Copyright to all work published in Haigaonline remains with the contributing author/artist, and that nothing in the issue may be copied, reproduced or republished without their written permission. Artists and authors are free to republish work when the issue is no longer current, but agree as a condition of acceptance to credit Haigaonline as the first place of publication.