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Street People
by Jim Force, Colleen Force
and Jim McKinniss

Jim Force (a.k.a. Nika) has been collaborating with photographer Jim McKinniss in creating individual and series haiga. In July when he sent them to me, Nika wrote,

Upon reading about the Comfort Food Challenge, Jim’s L.A. street people photographs came to mind as did the question, what’s comfort food for street people? The attached sequence is the result of our efforts. Jim sent us two separate selections of photos. My wife, Colleen, happened to open one before I did and was instantly taken by them and wrote the 'trash talk' piece. We have found this to be a great challenge and quite an enjoyable process. We hope you enjoy reading the sequence as much as we have in creating it."

You'll find more of their collaborative haiga in our Challenge section. They have published haiga in Aamora: International Group of Photographers, Writers and artists, in Hedgerow. A Hundred Gourds, and in the World Haiku Association's haiga contest. Nika, who also posts haiga on his Facebook page, has also collaborated with others in the WHA contests,and is a member of Haiku Arbutus and Haiku Canada. He began writing and publishing haiku in the 1990s. Frog's Singing, a chapbook with his own art work on the cover, is available as a download at The Haiku Foundation. A short bio may be found on the Registry at The Foundation, wherein you'll be able to read more of his haiku and learn that he has a Ph.D. in educaion and works with graduate students at Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C.

Colleen Force is a teacher specializing in early childhood education.

A Southern California photographer, Jim McKinniss maintains a professional website and a Facebook page where the rich variety of his art may be seen.

Please join us in welcoming Jim, Colleen and Jim to Haigaonline. Don't miss more of their haiga in this issue's Challenge section.

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NOTE: Some of Jim McKinniss' photos from this haiga project have appeared
at the Orange County California Center for Contemporary Arts.