"Traveller's Dream":
by Ron C. Moss and Jim Swift

Jim and Ron call this collaboration a"renku-like" sequence. Last year, writes Jim, he presented his and my haiga shisan "Snow Goose" at the Seabeck and Gabriola conferences and came away with the feeling that a graphic renku, with a schema and links between the images was not easy for readers to take in. Thus, "Traveller's Dream" takes a simpler form. As Jim explains:

"Traveller's Dream is a renku-like sequence of haiga using a new format. Each verse links to 2 images and each image (except first and last) links to two verses.

"Ron wrote the first (3-line) verse to link to my starting image and the also provided an image to link to the same verse. Jim then wrote a 2-line verse to link to Ron's image and also provided an image to link to his verse, and so on.

"The idea in trying this form is to create something that is easier for the reader to follow when shown in a slide show format.

"An interesting feature is the way that the two verses for each image and the two images for each verse generate a kind of "melody" from the varying tones and textures of the links from two authors."

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