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  • TRADITIONAL HAIGA: Featured authors are Choshi (Paul Cooper), Haigaonline's own resident musician, and the winners of the Haiku This Haiga contest, Adelaide B. Shaw and Joyce S. Greene. All the submissions may be seen with the painting in a Flash slideshow.
  • EDITOR'S CHOICE: This issue we feature haiga by our resident staff, Mary E. Rodning with her husband Charles), Hiromi Maya (Hiromi Inoue) and Jasminka.
  • PORTFOLIOS: From scanned brush paintings and watercolors to photography and digital manipulation, here are five portfolios of solo and collaborative work by Pris Campbell, Heike Gewi, Ferris and Harry Gilli, Judi Suni Hall and Muriel Roggensack, and Rita Odeh.
  • EXPERIMENTAL HAIGA: Richard Biscayart explores asemic writing in this collection of four "zenga".