From the beginning, Haigaonline's signature feature has been the Traditional Haiga section. Here we feature multimedia haiga by our resident staff. Mary B. Rodning paints the image; Hiromi Inoue translates the haiku into Japanese; Shisen adds the calligraphy; Choshi creates a musical setting for bamboo flute, and finally, Jasminka puts on the finishing touches by marrying calligraphy to image.

Mary's delightful painting drew many responses and I thoroughly enjoyed working with each of them while I was making the slideshow. Each informs the painting with something of its own. It was hard to select just one for the haiga. We've chosen the following haiku by Michael Dylan Welch. I love the layering it brings to Mary's painting!

scented breeze . . .
our conversation takes
an unexpected turn

I've also been able to feature submissions by Pamela Babusci and Terri French in my article in this issue's Haiga Workshop section, so do check there, too.


Click here for the haiga with Michael's honored haiku


. . .and here for a flash slideshow in which each of the submissions has its moment with the image