to our "Winter Sparrow" issue


It's December 2010 and we hope that our newest issue will be a bright spot amid all the gloom and anxiety that seems to be loose in the world these days. A few months ago, when I settled on a theme for the issue, I was thinking of something along the lines of a nature topic that would allude to the Challenge. Little did I know it would be an El Niño winter of drenching rains here in Coastal California and early, heavy snows in the mountains—not to mention snow and traffic snarls in places across the globe that aren't used to it. To paraphrase the famous haiku by James W. Hackett, the sparrows are without necks.

There's a lot to see in this issue. The Traditional Haiga section honors a haiku by Shane Gilreath. Our In our Featured Artists we're pleased to welcome Dutch artist/poet/teacher Bouwe Brouwer in haiga collaboration with a few of his students; we're also delighted to have a collection of creative and colorful art haiga by Judith Gorgone, as well as a series of many-layered photo haiga by Adelaide B. Shaw. You'll meet another newcomer to Haigaonline in the Experimental Haiga section: Renée Owen, whose scanned haiga/found haiku collages will have you reaching for magazines and scissors. The response to our collaborative Family Haiga Challenge has been fantastic, and finally, our Workshop returns with another installment in our ongoing series on making haiga from online resources.

Do enjoy the issue. And if you are living in severe weather, please give a thought to putting some birdseed out for our feathered cousins.

Many thanks once more to Mary, Hiromi, Shisen, Jasminka and Choshi for their part in making Haigaonline the unique internet publication that it is, and special thanks to Carol Raisfeld for her invaluable proofreading.

Happy Solstice!

Linda Papanicolaou