issue 10-1
summer 2009

Featuring Haiku by members of WHCworkshop:
Elizabeth Fanto, Moussia Fantoli, Bill Kenney, Shanna Baldwin Moore, Tomislav Maretić, Daniel Py and Ella Wagemakers

As we all know, haiga is a poetry of special moments. Last year, I was privileged to watch the development of one such experience on the WHCworkshop group at Yahoo. It began spontaneously, when one member posted a haiku to the list, and Moussia Fantoli was inspired to render in Italian. One thing led to another— soon poems and translations were flying back and forth, each one small jewel in itself. I asked the poets if they would let us have both haiku and translations for Haigaonline, adding Hiromi's translation into Japanese as part of our full Traditional Haiga treatment. To my delight, they all agreed.

As it happens also, the winner of our Spring 2007 Haiku this Haiga contest is Ella Wagemakers, who has also been a member of WHCworkshop. And so in this issue, our Traditional Haiga section is dedicated to the community of poets at WHCworkshop. We hope you'll enjoy these haiga not only for the poetry, art and music, but also for the spirit in which they were created.



featuring a haiku by Ella Wagemakers and our resident staff