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Haiga Collaboration by Sondra J. Byrnes and Ron C. Moss

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Artists' Statements

Sondra writes, "Haiga collaboration is new for me. So, when Ron suggested that we work together on these haiga, I was somewhat skeptical. However, I had met Ron in Tasmania last year and discovered that we shared a meditation practice and had similar sensibilities. Yes, maybe this collaboration would work. Not only did it work, it was great fun. Ron’s sensitive (and fast!) haiku response to my ikebana startled and pleased me each time. His fresh haiku so capture the expression of the ikebana arrangements."

And this from Ron: "From the first moment I saw Sondra’s evocative ikebana, I was stuck by the imagery that they immediately evoked. I knew right away I wanted to write haiku using the best of wabi-sabi esthetics to these moments in space so beautiful crafted by Sondra’s keen eye and considerable talent. After seeing the first image I approached Sondra and she agreed to collaborate. Over a period of weeks we swapped images and haiku and everything came together and became a very satisfying collaboration for both of us."