Summer Gallery Exhibition August 2016
Linda Papanicolaou, editor

About the Authors and Artists

Jane Reichhold, US

Eighteen years ago as a newcomer to haiku and short form poetry, I spent a lot of time combing through whatever I could find online. One of the first resources I encountered and read thoroughly was Jane and Werner's AhaPoetry website I also joined her Yahoo Tanka group, participated in a couple of her renga, and like others was a recipient of her warm generosity.

If you haven't visited AHAPoetry for a while, this would be a good way to honor her legacy. If you haven't already, do also view her address, "The Secrets of Haiku from Master Basho," at the Commonwealth Club in 2009. If you belong to Facebook, you may like to read the tributes that are being posted to Jane's profile page, or Michael Rehling's "Never Really Gone," at Under The Basho.

Among the haiga Anita Virgil sent for the Autumn 2016 issue's "Comfort Food Challenge" were two she had compiled with haiku by Jane Reichhold and childhood drawing by Jennifer Virgil Gurchinoff. Anita explains how these two haiga developed from a feature she was developing for a forthcoming September 2016 issue of Hedgerow. "Try though I might I could not use these two pieces of Jen's art for the piece. Sadly, I consigned them to outtakes. Then one day, because Jane had granted me permission to use any of her poems for haiga, I went through many and found these perfect matches." She sent the haiga to Jane and received this characteristically enthusiastic response:

Love seeing the child's drawing with haiku, You have a treasure in these saved drawings!

May the Force be with you! You are welcomed to dip into my haiku for anything you want that you can use. I would be honored.

\o/ Jane

Prune Juice and Failed Haiku have announced a haiga contest in Jane's memory. Entries will be accepted from September 15-30, 2016. Click here for more information.

Pris Campbell,, US

Part of the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences, the Brown Collection is dedicated to the artists and artistic traditions of Florida. Earlier this year, Pris visited the museum and was inspired by our Ekphrastic feature in the Autumn 2016 issue. The artworks she selected to poem are displayed in our slideshow pages by intermediate-sized images, linked in turn to the museum's page within the MOAS website or other online resources. Of note is the exhibition catalogue, which includes essays on this regional art: Gary R. Libby, Reflections: Paintings of Florida 1865-1965 from the Collection of Cici and Hyatt Brown, MOAS 2009

Barbara Kaufmann, US

Barbara came to haiku and short form poetry in 2012. She maintains a blog, wabi-sabi ~~~poems and images, and contributes to Daily Haiga, Haigaonline and The World Haiku Association Haiga Contest. Of the present portfolio, she writes: "This series is garden-related. I have been very taken by the beauty that surrounds me especially as spring unfolds in my part of the world."Â

Maya Lyubenova, BG

Maya works for a publishing house in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and is an award-winning poet who writes haiku, haiga, visual poems and free verse in English and Bulgarian. Her haiga have appeared here in Haigaonline, and in Daily Haiga, A Hundred Gourds, Lynx, Notes from the Gean, Simply Haiku and the World Haiku Association, where she was named Master Haiga Artist in 2009.

Anna and Chris Maris, SE

Anna, a journalist by training and profession, published her first collection of haiku in 2013 and by now is represented in over 20 collections. She writes haiku, tanka and renku in Swedish and English. Her husband Chris is a director of photography who brings his creative techniques to their photo haiga, the first of which was published this spring in Hedgerows and in BlÄeld, the Journal of the Swedish Haiku Society. You'll find more collaborations on Anna's blog, notably a haigacollage that includes two of the photographs they've also used here.

Emily Romano, US

Emily, who celebrated her 91st birthday last year, has been writing haiku for many years, has well over 5,000 published, and is the inventor of eight new poetry forms. She has published her art and digital haiga to Daily Haiga, Sketchbook and Lynx, and has often contributed to Haigaonline—sometimes joined by two of her four daughters, Margaret and Jan. I always enjoy it when we have a portfolio of family haiga from them.

Margaret R. Smith, US

Margaret resides in Mechanicsville VA.With a BA in Science, she is a writer, poet, and watercolorist who expresses her respect for and love of nature in her work. She began writing haiku in the 1980's when her early work was published in Modern Haiku and Dragonfly. Her haiga and watercolors have appeared in White Lotus, and her watercolors and haiku appeared in Among the Lilies, a White Lotus Anthology (Shadow Poetry, 2008). Her flash stories and traditional poetry have been published in the SP Quill Anthology: Poetry, Stories, and Articles from Volumes 1-20.

Jan Turner, US

A widely published poet and short story author, Jan has a B.F.A. in Studio Arts and is a painter and illustrator. Her love of poetry is deeply expressed in her continued writings. She has enjoyed previous contributions here at Haigaonline over the years. Now retired, she enjoys working in her studio, where she paints in acrylics. As you may have noticed, the image for her haiga in this gallery was modeled on Auguste Renoir's "Young Girls at the Piano," (Paris, Musée d'Orsay).