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Anita Virgil: Six Haiga


Most if not all of Anita's work that we've published has been photography-based, whether ekphrastic pieces in which she's written to someone else's image, or collaborative haiga in which her role has been marrying both texts and images by other writers and artists. In this portfolio you'll see another side of her creativity, as all the drawings and paintings are hers. Two were previously published in Notes from the Gean, and two feature haiku by Allan Burns. She says

"Tucked away under the guestroom bed in a six- inch-deep cardboard box were these pieces of my artwork. I happened to be hunting for a particular sketch I did of Dizzy Gillespie. I found Dizzy ultimately, but to get to him, plowed through lots more. These--plus a series of my baseball drawings I forgot about. They will soon appear as a haiga chapbook with poetry by Cor van den Heuvel.

"Linda, unbeknownst to me, decided to isolate my art for this Summer Gallery from the large assortment of haiga I sent her for her next Gallery. ( Multiple talented authors, photographers, artists in that batch. What I love to combine in a new way.) So I got caught--deer in headlights--with what I was always trained to do since earliest childhood: draw and paint. But writing has always been my first love. My artwork has taken a backseat to it. Still, I know everything I do is literally ‘colored’ and dictated by my art background. AV"

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