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Tasmania AU

We welcome Gina to Haigaonline with this colorful and creative portfolio. An artist who discovered poetry in 2005, Gina lives on the island state of Tasmania with a cat, an outdoor fish pond, an outdoor garden that she has described as 'tomatoes supported by rose bushes and various peppers among summer perennials', a couple of peacocks for neighbors. Cat, peacocks and garden may be viewed on her blog, "A Sense of Place" (

Her art encompasses a range of media an techniques, including works in various media, including photography, collage, assemblage, digital exploration, collographs, watercolor, shibori, lino cuts, photography, poetry, digital arts, paper and book arts ( and My own favorite of her projects is the 'found art' that she took on a trip to Europe in 2007 and 'lost' by leaving each piece in an interesting place, photographing them as she did so (

Gina's poetry, which includes senryu, tanka, haibun and cinquain, has been published in Aurora Review, Cloud Peaks. LYNX, The Herons Nest, Modern English Tanka, Moonset, Paperwasp, Ribbons, Ripples and Simply Haiku. She is an active member of the AHApoetry forum and HaikuHut, and maintains a poetry blog (