Welcome to our gallery. Last fall we started this as an off-season feature to give us the flexibility to publish 'special exhibitions' of haiga between the publication of our regular issues in December and June.

It's been a strange winter for many of us—unusually cold in some places, warm in others, and the snow going everywhere it was neither expected nor welcome. As I write this, the plum tree by my classroom in California is blooming while the East Coast of the United States has been reeling under the impact of yet another storm. Winter will end, of course, but we thought we'd help it along a little by offering our readers a little something new for the season.

Once again we're pleased to be able to exhibit haiga in a range of styles and approaches, from traditional scanned paintings to photographic images with varying degrees of digital manipulation. Even more, the haiga show a range of approaches in subject matter. In their collaborative brush painting and calligraphy, Patricia and Martha work in a style that is as traditional as it is freshly observed and depicted. In their photo haiga portfolios, on their other hand, Ray and Pris both push the boundaries of what has been considered 'appropriate' subject matter for haiga—Pris with series of surrealist self portraits and Ray with a set of haiga whose subject is the harshness of modern urban life. Finally, Natalia Rudychev and Val Finnell will banish your winter blahs with their photo haiga of flowers in hot pink!