Judi Hall and
Fuz Caforio

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Welcome to a new exhibition in our online gallery, featuring an international selection of four very different artists from Africa, Europe and North America. Our regular readers will already know the work Judi and Alexis from their previous contributions to Haigaonline. We hope now that you'll enjoy meeting Alexandre and Fuz.

As the cooler, clearer days are now upon us, why not come back for another look at our current issue of Haigaonline (June 2010)? We'd also like to remind you that if you've been thinking of participating in our next Haiga Challenge, "Family Haiga", you have a little more than a month to send in your submissions: the deadline is 31 October 2010. Specify "Haigaonline Family Challenge" in your subject header and send your haiga to me, Detailed information about submitting to Haigaonline may be found on the left sidebar of our current issue.

Have a pleasant Equinox!

Linda Papanicolaou