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Alexandre was born in St. Petersburg, educated at the Academy of Fine Arts, and worked as an animation artist at the Lennauchfilm studio for a few years before becoming an independent artist. Since 2001 he has been living in Switzerland. His art is in public and private collections in Russia, Austria, Estonia and the United States. In researching his work, I was fascinated to read that he designed the "Egorov Tarot". Published in Austria, it may be found at and EBay as well as on tarot sites. On his own web site you'll find drawings, paintings, photographs and graphics ( Don't miss the animations! About his combination of painting with poetry, Alexandre writes

"When I create a piece of art I have a vision of a theme which is connected to a sort of poem. Although this poem is not really a matter of words, it happens to me that after creating the picture suddenly the words became clear and I feel the need to combine them with the picture. Only like this it becomes an accomplished piece of art.

"During my art studies at the Academy in St. Petersburg, Japanese Art, especially Zen Art, was for me always the highest level of fine arts. We are living in a dualistic world. The meaning of life (my opinion) is to get to the state when you feel yourself beyond dualism; you feel that you and the outer world are the same. This state I can give the name "Love". It has no direction. There is no distance between you and other beings. You feel this and it is enough. It is self-sufficiency and joy. I cannot govern these feelings. When they come they come. And I always have some kind of joy within which overfills me. It presses me to do my artworks. Then I am happy."