The genesis of this portfolio was a photographer friend's suggestion to put a half-turn rotation between the two polar coordinates distortion filters that are available in Photoshop. Jim tried it, using polar to rectangular, then a 180 deg rotation, then
rectangular to polar. The results were interesting but a little repetitive, so he
started to use the action on different selections and repeat the actions on combinations
of selections. With that, the results were much more interesting (his words--myself, I'd say spectacular), and became something of an addiction for a while.

Writing to these images became the next challenge. "I have long had an interest in abstract photography," writes Jim. "Most people try to find something familiar in an abstract image, but it is also possible to resist that impulse and simply enjoy the image without putting labels on what you see. This is what I try to do when looking at an abstract image. If I'm successful in avoiding "left brain tendencies", my thoughts go in other directions and I experience a shift from what I am looking at. Sometimes it's a mood shift, at other times it's a shift to a triggered memory, emotion, or event. But of course, it is not always possible to avoid seeing something familiar in the abstract. In all cases, though, I try to write to the image just as one would in renku."

In January, "Misty Morning" appeared in "New Visions", a juried international photography exhibition at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO.

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