After the January meeting of Haiku Poets of Northern California, Linda Galloway and I were talking and she pointed out that with four active haiku clubs in the state, there would be a lot of interest in a state-wide haiga project. Had I thought of organizing one? Her enthusiasm was persuasive, and the idea for "California Gold" was born. I mulled the possibilities and eventually settled on a format similar to some of the exercises Carol Raisfeld and I have done at WHChaikumultimedia: provide a seed image for participants to manipulate or alter, write an original haiku, and set both into a haiga.

Many, many thanks to Garry Gay for donating a spectacular photograph of our state flower, the California Poppy. Many thanks also to the California poets and artist who responded to our call by sending something by the end of February. Is it over? No! Enjoy our small but growing collection, and if you're a California haiku artist, please do join in! Download Garry's image, haiga it, and send it to me, California residents only, please. We'll take up to two images from each person.

Robin Beshers
Darrell Byrd
Victor Gendrano
Amy Hirschinger Hernandez
Janis Lukstein
Patricia J. Machmiller
Patricia J. Machmiller
Linda Papanicolaou
Stevie Strang


Seed image by Garry Gay: right-click or drag this
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