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Origa is the haigo of Olga Hooper. A native of Siberia, Russia, Olga now lives in the United States. She studies and works in many Japanese traditional art genres including sumi-e, haiku, haibun, haiga, ikebana and ceramic painting. She has won many awards for her works and is widely published, including on her own two websites, Kankodori (, Origa's Live Journal ( A gallery of paintings that are for sale may be found at

Birds are a frequent subject in Olga's painting, and she's included a variety in this portfolio. The fourth painting may be familiar. The original, a sumi-e on card paper, was the third prize in her Spring 2007 Calico Cat contest and was poemed by the members when she posted it on Live Journal ( We're pleased now to publish it as a haiga, with a delightful new haiku that draws a comparison between the contentment of the artist painting in her studio and the singing of birds outside the window. As for the others, well, I was intrigued to see that one of the four has a haiku about the bird itself, but the others are explorations in juxtaposition, where birds and their behaviors become a unifying metaphor for nature and the human experience within it.