Welcome to our September gallery. Sometimes artistic ideas just seem to be in the air. It struck me that recently I've been seeing a lot of bird haiga by friends who work with scanned images and/or photo-based digital art. It occurred me that an exhibition would be a good way to mark the end of summer. Many thanks to everyone who contributed their wonderful paintings, scanned images and digital manipulations to our celebration of birds.

We're also pleased to feature three artists who made their first appearance in our last issue and have returned with portfolios so you may enjoy their work in greater depth. I hope you'll agree that there is some stunning art and photo haiga here.

Our Autumn/Winter 2007 issue is due in December and it will be our traditional reduced-saturation theme. We have some interesting ideas in store, but more than that I won't say just yet. Meanwhile, why not revisit our June 2007 issue? It's just two weeks till the deadline for submitting haiku for Mary's painting in the Traditional Haiga section!

Linda Papanicolaou

FLIGHT PATTERNS: Bird Imagery in Contemporary Art Haiga

Carole MacRury

Charles and Mary Rodning

CarrieAnn Thunell

Jeffrey Woodward