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Haigaonline's own resident sumi-e artist, Mary needs no introduction. Dr. Charles B. Rodning is an eminent physician and a professor of surgery at the University of South Alabama in Mobile. In 'real life', however, he is a widely published, award winning poet. Their origami haiga books have been featured in Haigaonline and in Simply Haiku.

Writes Mary, "I use Chuck's haiku for birthday, anniversary presents converting them to haiga in ongoing albums or my origami books." Their published collaborations include Elan Vital-a Chapbook of Oriental Poetry and Sumi-E Painting (Rutland VT: Tuttle, 1988), Papering Dreams: Haiku and Sumi-e Painting (Whispering Pines, NC: Scots Plaid, 1994). Two origami haiga books have been also featured in Haigaonline and Simply Haiku.