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Washington US

Canadian by birth, Carole has been writing poetry for many years and is widely a published, award-winning author who is also active in the community--being, for instance, one of the organizers of the haiku contest at the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. She is also an exquisite photographer whose haiga have appeared in World Haiku Review, Simply Haiku, the Greenleaf Files, Santa Fe Broadside and Haigaonline. Under the name of 'snowcress' she keeps an album of her photographs and haiga at Webshots.

Carol finds the subject matter of her haiga in the unique landscape that surrounds her home on the Pacific coast at the US-Canadian border at the 49th parallel. In her photography, she likes to capture "real life" by zooming in on her subjects so that they tell their own story once separated from the larger picture.

Crows are a favorite subject of hers. As you can see from the two we have here, their black shapes are ideal for monochromatic abstraction. They're also highly intelligent birds with distinctive personalities, and Carole is a master at capturing their essential nature in her photographs and haiga.