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Haiga with Gee Greenslade
Haiga with Anthea Wright
Solo Haiga

Allison works as a youth counsellor in the Barossa Region of South Australia. She has held a love of photography, art and poetry for many years, so when she discovered Haiga, embraced it with a passion. She participated in our joint kukai with Haiku Hut in the Spring 2007 issue and has recently had haiku accepted for publication with Haiku Dreaming Australia and FreeXpresSion.

Allison's approach to haiga is varied. Most often she uses her own photographs, either in their pure form, or digitally manipulated, but she also works with her daughter Anthea Wright and friend Gee Greenslade.

When Allison sent me a selection that included solo photo haiga and collaborations with both digital artwork and photographs, I knew that the full range of her work would offer an unparalleled opportunity to see how working with other artists and with different kinds of images can provoke very different poetic responses.


Anthea Wright is a digital artist studying her second year in a Bachelor of Visual Arts. She is self employed, running her own art stall at major events, as well as doing commissioned work. More of her art may be seen at

Gee Greenslade is a photographer studying her second year in a Bachelor of Visual Arts. She works as photo editor at The Photography Room and does freelance artistic photography with Adelaide models. For Gee's art, see